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Our certified dietitians will provide insight into your current health status and answer your questions.

Did you know we can prevent up to 70% of all disorders and complaints through a healthy lifestyle? That’s why our dietitians will perform an in-depth medical review, go over your symptoms and complaints, and evaluate your living and eating habits to provide you with the best-personalized advice to achieve the healthiest version of yourself.

We guide and support you where it’s necessary and together we take the road to optimal health.

The initial consultation takes about 45 to 60 minutes. Follow-up consultations take 30 minutes and are scheduled every 2 weeks initially for a period of 3 months, and afterward, once a month until the 6 months are completed. These consultations are free of charge.

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Changing the way you receive healthcare.

You can find the perfect balance on your plate by visiting one of our in-house nutritionists who can help you with your diet, restrictions, advice and creating a suitable meal plan. The nutritionists cater to everyone’s need.

The Way We Work.

The Healthy Lifestyle Center provides a holistic service to each client who walks in. The client is welcomed by a receptionist who registers the client and manages the appointment schedule additionally to guiding the clients further with information, pamphlets, IBISA physical activities calendar, etc.

Following the registration, the client is evaluated by one of our (lifestyle coaches and) certified dietitians who perform blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol measurements, complete biometrics like body fat %, muscle mass, and body water %, amongst other measurements, in addition to a medical history/symptoms review, current habits, and dietetic evaluation. The dietitian shares the results with the client and makes suggestions on those points that need the most attention to help the client improve his/her condition and quality of life.

Together, the dietitian and client set realistic goals according to the client’s current health condition and lifestyle, so it’s easier for the client to reach them.  Additionally, the dietitian will provide a meal plan tailored to the client’s needs and recommendations aimed at improving his/her current health condition and lifestyle.

Changing the way you receive healthcare.

Our program includes lifestyle coaching, a meal plan, and dietary education for lifestyle change management. Following the extensive intake on the client’s current lifestyle and biometrics evaluation, the Dietitian/Lifestyle Coach develops a tailored healthy lifestyle program for the client.

We also offer group workshops, health-related challenges, and monthly events to encourage physical exercise among our clients.