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10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

“Choosing small habits on a day-to-day basis will a add a great value totally”

  1. Eat healthy, include something that is fresh such as fruits and vegetable every day.
  2. Stay hydrated- drink enough amounts of water.
  3. Try to exercise daily – walking, swimming, weight, running, bicycle.
  4. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle, sleep for 7 to 8 hours minimum for a healthy life.
  5. Avoid fast food, yes, it is hard to do but try your best.
  6. Stop spending time with the screen.
  7. Stay away from anger, don’t get angry again and again for trivial reasons.
  8. Start reading, even reading for 10 minutes a day improves your quality of life.
  9. Stress kills you slowly, so don’t take stress don’t be serious all the time, smile and be
    stress free.
  10. Do your work, complete your daily work task with interest – Work for good purpose.
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