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How am I put together? Maybe I am under a lot of stress? What does that do to my body and health? Am I sleeping enough? How am I doing socially and does that have an impact on my health?

Am I willing to take a good look at my health and possibly take steps to live a healthier life? Can I? Is there something in my family that I should watch out for? What should I do to keep my body in top condition?

Am I moving enough? What suits me? What influences my movement and activity pattern? What about my flexibility, strength and balance?

What do I eat and is it healthy? Am I eating too many carbohydrates? Am I drinking too much coffee or too little water? Which vitamins am I missing?

All tests and measurements that are done to get a good picture of your health. What about my cholesterol, cortisol or glucose levels? And my BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure, organs and vitamins, hormones and cortisol?