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This CLI program is comprised of the following services:

  • A 3 to 8-month Weight loss & Muscle gain program
    • Personalized to the individual based on the health scan/biometrics, underlying causes for the participant’s health condition (i.e., medication use, stress levels, lifestyle)
    • It takes at least 3 months to develop new habits, based on the individual the length of the program is evaluated for proper adoption and lifestyle change.
  • Nutritional advice and basics of healthy eating patterns
  • Weekly menu’s
    • including guidance on proportionality of the food categories based on individualistic needs
    • recipe ideas
  • Advice on the amount and frequency of physical activity required
  • Where applicable:
    • Advice on recommended sleeping pattern for improved health
    • Advice on stress management
    • Advice related to mental health or referral to psychologist
    • When an underlying cause of the participant’s health condition is deemed to be part of ‘curative care’ and not preventive care, a referral to or collaboration with the relevant medical specialist may be advised.
  • Follow-up sessions:
    • Depending on the individual’s needs, the frequency of consultations may vary from weekly up to monthly sessions.
    • Weekly updates using WhatsApp of i.e., weight improvement and other relevant health updates